Our Company was founded in Thailand in the year of 1983 and it is today the largest producer in the world of its kind, covering laboratory and pilot plant polymer processing machines. Our machines are produced under Swedish management and technology combined with a very skilled and dedicated Thai staff of engineers and technicians. In 2010 we moved into our ultra-modern manufacturing facility with state of the art equipment.



We started our company with just a few production staff some 40 years ago producing two roll mills presses and mixers. In 2023, we reached a total of 240 employees producing over 600 machines per year.



We have, since our inception, enjoyed very good acceptance by our customer for supplying them with machines of the highest European quality standards at very favorable prices. We take great pride in every single machine we produce and we ensure that they are met with full acceptance by our customer.



We exported almost all our machines already from the first year of production and as late as only a few years ago, we were much better known abroad than here in Thailand. This situation has now changed but still around 90% of all the machines we produce are exported to customers in all corners of the world.



An important part of our organization is to provide best possible after sales service. Thus we have a team of experienced technicians who travel all around the world whenever called for, doing commissioning and training on new machines as well as maintenance. We have a very large stock of spare parts that we can ship on the same day we get the order so that they reach the customer by courier in only a few days.



We are constantly designing new machines. At our first international introduction where we exhibited in Germany at K 1998, we had only two-roll mills, presses and mixers. But by now have a very large range of machines, possibly the largest in the world. And we are continuing to design three or four new machines every year.



Up to 2023 we have supplied over 8,200 of our machines to customers all around the world. Our new factory built in 2010 with an area of 5,000 square meter became too small and in 2015 we added another building of 5,000 square meter which has enabled us to increase our production capacity substantially.


We have, as of 2023, a total of 25 engineers designing in house all of our machines. We use state-of-the-art designing methods such as the Solid Works 3-D software where all functional designs can be made to move and intermesh, to ensure that their functions are exactly the same as those of the final product. In the Design Department we also do all the software programming with electronic and electrical designs, utilizing the latest software programs. And together with our Research and Development team, we explore new technologies and refine existing concepts that drive us forward through continuous experimentation.


We fabricate all body parts for the machines starting from steel profiles and sheets. The parts are all shaped by hand and welded together with TIG as well as Argon welding methods. After completion of all steel work, the parts are sandblasted to remove all oxidations and the bare steel then undergoes a very rigorous painting process. Here we firstly paint and spackle three layers of primer with hand sanding in between each layer after which we paint with two layers of epoxy paint. This very careful painting process, using a total of five paint layers, is carried out with the same care and attention on both the inner as well as the exterior body surfaces, thus ensuring that the machines look good, inside and out, for many years of service.


All mechanical parts for our machines are made in-house by our skilled technicians, fabricating the parts on modern tooling machines using highest quality steel and metal alloys. We have, as of 2023, a total of 19 CNC milling and lathe machines on which we produce a large range of parts for our machines, such as twin screw elements, barrel modules and inserts, gear boxes and single layer as well as co-ex film blowing and sheet dies. All machining is carried out in clean rooms with air-conditioning to provide a pleasant working environment for the operators as well as to ensure a very clean environment, free of dust and contamination.


A very important part of our manufacturing is the Quality Control. Here we inspect every single part produced in the machining department. We measure and record the hardness of all parts and we use a state-of-the-art computerized 3D dimensional test machine as well as an high precision optical profile projector to measure and record all dimensions. We also check our filter packs in a custom-made machine to ensure they meet the required standards.


Every single part stored here has been scrutinized in our rigorous QC Department. With this we ensure that the parts when assembled will fit exactly and will meet with our high quality standards. In addition all electrical and electronic parts are stored here. The store room also contains all spare parts which are ready for immediate delivery to our customers whenever called for.


All our machines are assembled in an air conditioned clean room hall. The mechanical parts of the machines are put together with the utmost care, ensuring that all components are correctly assembled while all electrical wiring and electronic components are assembled in a dedicated separate room.


We have strived to design our office with a modern and pleasant look and with highest possible functionality. With this we think we have created a very inspiring working environment where we all enjoy our work which is furthering our creations of new machines.


We recently acquired a factory building next door which has doubled our production and office area so that we now have a total of 10,000 aquare meter. This expansion will enable us to increase the productions substantially so that we are able to meet the ever increasing demand for many years to come.