APR 24

Labtech Engineering’s NEW Pharmaceutical Twin-Screw Extrusion Line efficiently handles materials for both medical and scientific applications.

Designed with GMP compliance, the line features a twin-screw extruder, conveyor, and pelletizer to process a wide range of pharmaceutical materials such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) which are the primary therapeutic components of drugs, as well as Excipients which are the other substances in the formulation such as binders, fillers, disintegrants and lubricants. It can also be used for running with normal thermoplastics approved for medical applications such as Medical Implants, Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery Systems.

Watch the Video to learn more information about our NEW Pharmaceutical Twin-Screw Extrusion Line.



MAY 24

Labtech Engineering is bringing along a comprehensive lineup of lab and pilot production polymer solutions to the premier NPE2024: The Plastics Show event! So mark your calendars for May 6-10, 2024, and head over to Booth W7945 in Hall E. Our expansive booth will be a hub of live demonstrations and expert insights, offering you a firsthand look at our machines that await you!

🔹NEW! High-Speed 3D Filament Line with NEW Accumulator Design
🔹Two-Roll Mill and Hydraulic Press integrated with Amazing Lobot Hands-Free Homogenous Batch Mixing
🔹26 mm Twin-Screw Extrusion and Compounding Line
🔹3-Layer COEX Cast Film & Sheet Line with C-Type Chill Roll Stack
🔹Compact Filter Tester

Mini Scientific Series:
🔹NEW! Underwater Pelletizing Line
🔹NEW! Melt Spinning Line
🔹Single-Layer Cast Film Line
🔹Single-layer Film Blowing Line
🔹Three-Layer COEX Cast Film Line
🔹Five-Layer COEX Film Blowing Line

We’re all looking forward to meeting you at our booth! For more information about our machines, drop us an email at


APR 24

Labtech Engineering will join the CHINAPLAS 2024 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC). Our team will be waiting for you at Booth 5.2F19 from April 23 to 26. We look forward to seeing you there!


APR 24
Labtech Engineering has developed an innovative solution for precise pelletizing without water contact – the Air-Cooled Die-Face Pelletizer!
This very special cooling system was a request from our customer primarily designed to accommodate hydrophilic biodegradable resins such as TPS, PLA, and PBAT. But that’s not all! The versatility of the Air-Cooled Die-Face Pelletizer extends to heat-sensitive and non-sticky polymers as well. Our internal testing with soft PVC and HDPE yielded excellent results, producing high-quality pellets.
Watch the Video to learn more information about our NEW Air-Cooled Die-Face Pelletizer.



MAR 24

Labtech Engineering has recently developed our 3D Filament Extrusion Line. Built with advanced components, this line has been redesigned for versatility, high speed, and exceptional filament quality, enabling a maximum line speed of up to 130 m/min.

🎯  Processes most resin types such as PLA, PETG, TPU, ABS, PE, TPE, and carbon fiber composite.
🎯  Produces filament diameters of 1.75mm and 2.85mm. Other diameters are also available upon request.
🎯  Features synchronized system for continuous and uninterrupted operation.

Watch the Video and Download our Newsletter to read more information about our line.



FEB 24

Labtech Engineering held a Seminar for “Understanding Polymer Extrusion Process” last February 22, 2024. We welcomed 52 participants from 9 prestigious Thailand Universities and Research Institutes. Watch the video to see the highlights of this event!

We are grateful to collaborate, connect and contribute knowledge with these esteemed institutions in the research and academic sectors for the advancement of Polymer Extrusion Technology in Thailand.